Monday 27 February 2012

Meryl And "Oscar" In The Garden

 As a woman of a certain age, Meryl Streep's Oscar win underscores my feeling that this is the richest time of my life. Wiser, more confident, kinder to myself, less interested in society's conventions, embracing all that is good in life.
Check out the garden in Meryl's movie "It's Complicated." Much was grown in greenhouses then stuck in the ground for the garden scenes but we all need to fantasize sometimes. Which brings me to Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson in "All That Heaven Allows." There is something about a "man of the soil" that makes me weak at the knees. Jane too, as she marries the gardener.

courtesy of the National Garden Bureau


  1. Yummm!!! Hot male gardeners!!! I'll take mine with dark hair, muscles,.... LOVED It's Complicated! What age is a "certain age"? :o)

    1. Maybe it should be an "uncertain" age? Apparently in other times and cultures the phrase was understood to mean uncertain. Not willing to be defined by others, amazed at how much I now understand, comfortable with who I am, actively seeking and sharing joy, might be closer to my state of being. For the sake of my grandchild I hasten to add I am not following the French interpretation. (Although there is that fantasy thing...)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Susan! I didn't see "It's Complicated" because when I read the reviews it didn't seem like a movie I would enjoy. No one told me there was a garden involved! And I'll have to see if I can find "All that Heaven Allows" too. I love your blog - you had me at the subheading. In future, when people ask about my interests, I'm going to say "I'm a Garden Aficionado".

  3. Hi Lyn, The garden was the best part of the movie in my opinion. If I go on a girls night out at the movies my friends know to expect "did you see the garden?!"