Monday 30 April 2012

Awards Season

I tended to be ambivalent about awards-until I was nominated of course. Then I had to give the whole awards thing some serious thought. Here are my reasons for participating.
To not accept would be ungracious.
They are a positive gesture in an increasingly negative world.
I get to spread the love.
It impresses my non blogger friends to no end. So here goes.....

Edith at Inch by Inch Quilting nominated me for the Sunshine Award. 
nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you ladies, I am honoured to be recognized by such illustrious bloggers.

Becky writes about farm life in Wisconsin. I am charmed by her reverence for old homesteads and farm history.
Deborah blogs about, in her own words, "making beekeeping beautiful." If it is bee related it's in Deborah's blog. These are two fantastic blogs and if you haven't read them yet I'm sure you will enjoy them.

Edith is a quilter extraordinaire. I am nominating her for a Versatile Blogger Award. (Nominating others is part of the deal.)  I appreciate art in almost all its forms and Edith's creations are works of art. Edith and my next nominee Mary started blogging when I did. We kept at it, yeh for us!

Mary will probably be surprised, as I'm nominating her new blog for the Versatile Blogger Award and not her fabulous Indian cooking blog. Literature Therapy-finding the book that heals asks the question "Can reading a particular novel teach you what you need to know about your own life?" It is thoughtful and thought provoking. I happen to have read over half the books she has listed. Creepy or kindred spirits, I'm not sure?

My other Versatile Blogger Awards go to.....

David at the Anxious Gardener. Who couldn't love a blog that describes itself thus, "One sixteenth century Priory, six acres of grounds and a gardener."  Add in Margaret and the sheep and it is just about perfect.

Jenni at Rainy Day Gardener. Like me, Jenni is in transition from one home and garden to another. It is fun to share the excitement of new possibilities, not to mention the days that push one to the edge.

Paul at A Powell River Photo Blog. Powell River is a visually awe inspiring locale of outstanding natural beauty. Paul captures it all in his blog. It could be overwhelming but Paul keeps it simple, and so much easier to enjoy.

Sarah at Hens In The Orchard. This gal drinks almost as much tea as I do. Drop in to meet the hens,ducks and the Westies too.

My Little Home and Garden. Beautiful photographs. The author photo says it all, for me anyway.

Three Dogs In  A Garden. You do not want to miss Jennifer's latest book review.

Life In The Slow Lane. Many of you will probably know Elaine from Ramblings from Rosebank.  I enjoy this quirky site too, especially the Diaries posts.

Finally Sunshine Awards go to Clover and Thyme , a very useful blog. Among other things I learned how to make pretty cloth napkins from Fat Quarters, I'm so pleased with them.
Polka Dot Galoshes. A transplanted Aussie writes from a Portland garden with humour and grace.

O.K. the rules, which you can find by going to the link, suggest 15 nominations. I'm not going to nominate blogs that are anything less than awesome and many I would have chosen are already award winners.

Also, today, I carried a lot of furniture up from the basement and out to the garage.

I'm supposed to list seven things about myself. After the strenuous activity of the day I can barely keep my eyes open, remembering my own name is a challenge. List to follow....


  1. Hooray for you!! In response to your question, I don't get people mixed up but roads, stores, etc. I'll go to look for something that I know I have only to remember I had it in a different state and got rid of it, etc. I drive myself crazy sometimes!

  2. Thanks you so much! I appreciate the shout out, and I'm so glad you are enjoying your cloth napkins!!

  3. Huge congrats to you on the awards!! And a big thank you for the sunshine award...what a an honor! I am excited to check out your nomination list too, so many new-to-me blogs to explore. A sunshine award is just what a Seattle girl needs on a grey rainy day like today =) Thank you for making my day a little brighter!! I look forward to passing on the love!
    Cheers Julia xx

    1. I started following your blog as you garden in the north west. I am moving to the coast of BC later this year and need all the advice I can get. Also how to cope with the grey skies. I can't imagine what it must be like for an Aussie.

    2. Thank you so much Sue and congrats to you too! Lots of great looking blogs for me to explore. Do I get a badge to wear? D

  4. Thank you so much for passing on the VBA to me I am happy that you enjoy my blog and delighted that you think it deserves an award.

  5. Thank you for thinking of my blog. It's so kind of you.

  6. Visiting from Jenni at Rainy Day Gardner. I'll be interested to follow your gardening adventures in what looks to be quite a different climate from mine.

  7. Thanks so much for the award! I am honoured that you thought of me.

  8. Susan, Thank you so much for the Versatile Blogger award, I do plan on following up, it just takes me a while.

  9. Susan, I always enjoy my visits to your blog and I'm glad you like my little blog. Today I finally sat myself down picked my nomination for the Versatile Blogger (and the Liebster Blog) awards and did a blog post.