Tuesday 21 January 2014

Beautiful Sounds

I posted this on my other site as a Monday morning pick me up. It is the winning sound in BeautifulNow's most beautiful sound in the world competition. Close your eyes, clear your mind, immerse yourselves. If you have headphones I suggest using them to shut out distractions.

The judges said they surprised themselves with their choice. I expect we each have more than one beautiful sound in our inner library. What sounds do you carry in your heart?


  1. That was wonderful! Our frogs sound a lot different around here. Boy oh boy, I can't wait to hear them again. Thank-you for sharing that.

  2. Well, I didn't hear Tom Cruise but it was really cool. So many different sounds made me wonder what kind of animal they were coming from. Not just frogs obviously.

    I'm afraid the sounds in my head are much less organic. I can still hear the music I had on my car stereo as I drove in to work this morning. :)

  3. The most beautiful sounds in the world are those of my family telling me they're safe and happy. It doesn't get any better than that.