Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Meadow-May Tree Following

Time for another look at my little Orange Pippin tree for Loose and Leafy's Tree Following page. Over the last month Pippin has had a professional pruning.

The moss around her roots was scraped off and a top dressing of fertilizer added. She seems to have liked the care as blossoms are just beginning to unfurl.

A mason bee box has been added to the garden to help with pollination.

The grass in the meadow is being left undisturbed for other pollinators.

Lack of sunlight is going to be a major factor.

The tree and her sister are at the far end of this tree shrouded meadow. In this picture they are enjoying a few hours of morning sun which unfortunately is all they get.

Next month I will be in England. My little tree and the rest of the garden, and the cat, will be in the care of a nine yr old boy. Fingers, and paws, crossed.


  1. Oh good luck, I hope it works out ok, the blossom looks promising!

  2. It's annoying the way plants and trees militate against sunshine - when that's what many of them need. Wondering what the duties of a nine year old boy will be.

  3. The mason bees (or mortar bees, perhaps, in my case) have made their own nest in my house brick work - here)! I hope you will have a good time in England.

  4. Lovely tree that seems happy as well as the travels and I am sure you will have so much fun that we will all be reading about.

  5. Enjoy your trip to Blighty. I shall arrange sunny days for you :-)

  6. Dear Susan. You can't even imagine the good energy I send you. Happy apples. Happy trip.
    xxoo L

  7. I read about the Mason Bees in the Peak. Are they native to our area? Or do you have to release some to get them to use the bee box? Might be something good for me to try. We have lots of bumblebees. One time they made a hive in our ceiling. I don't know how they got in, but one after another the emerged from the insulation paneling over our living room. Fortunately they don't congregate in large groups like honey bees and aren't aggressive unless provoked. We succeeded in marshaling all of them out the large glass sliding doors to safety. - Margy