Sunday 11 January 2015

In A Tizz

I should know better than to be specific about a return date from the prairies in winter. A winter storm at one end and fog the other seriously compromised our travelling ability. I don't do well with interminable waiting.

On the plus side I met a lovely Dutch person in Lounge A19. A woman who exuded warmth and practical kindness.

First day home I was a zombie, staring blankly at the Christmas decorations and wondering when I would have the strength to take them down. Not yet as it turns out.

The very next day
the owner of the little store, who has very generously given the Friends of the Library free space for over a year, called to say it was rented and we needed to pack up by Monday, this was Thursday.

Saturday was a 5 hour planning session for our fund raising campaign for the new library. This kind of thing is very hard on me because I have to behave.

Today an "everything must go" sale at the store. Tomorrow back in to box up whatever is left to stash in a black hole at the back of the building.

Tuesday, garden club executive meeting. My social media partner has been picking up some serious slack on my part but I've got to get back into the game.

Meanwhile I missed the early bird pricing on the next homesteading course, picked up a writing assignment, thank goodness not due until April, and, worst of all, the seed catalogues are languishing unread on the dust covered coffee table.

I would say it is time to delegate.

I want to find a rose or some other nice perennial to sell as a fundraiser for the library. I'd like it to have a literary connection. It needs to do well in the PNW.

I found the Secret Garden rose but it seems a bit iffy for our zone-anybody have experience with it?

If I could use your brains instead of mine on this task it would be enormously helpful, so what would you pick?


  1. Ha! I would say you have a full plate friend! So many things to think about and do!!! I don't have any experience with that rose but it sure is pretty! Good luck with all of the planning!!! And I hope you have some down time soon to just kick back!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Welcome home - glad you made it home albeit late. We had that terrible fog here in Comox as well for several days - last night we came home from a function and had to slow to a crawl as it was so bloody foggy! I love that you must "behave" at your meeting - my kind of woman. We still have all our exterior decorations up - hubby has been ill then hurt his back. Looks like it might be a while before we take them down.

  3. Unpacking after a trip is tedious enough, but add to that putting away Christmas and cleaning out your library space is a lot to have to confront. You have my admiration.

  4. The bad thing about vacations, is that they have to end. Because - given the schedule on your return - I bet you can hardly remember the trip! I don't behave well, so I don't join many committees. As far as roses go, would you be able to check with a local nursery? I love them, but regularly do them in, so I will not offer my opinion... Glad that you are back safe and sound!

  5. I decided to box everything up a couple of days before we left. It was so great to come home to a clean house. Well, there was still the dusting, but what can you do?
    I have little to no experience with roses, and I'm really just getting started with perennials. But if one were selling lilies, daylilies or Asiatic, for a fundraiser, I would definitely buy one.

  6. Gosh you are busy busy busy!
    The rose looks lovely, but I have no idea how it would like your climate ! Good luck !

  7. I wish I could be of help. My brain is a bit frazzled right now. Happy New Year despite all the busy-ness.

  8. You need either a lighter schedule or a personal assistant! Our climates are too different for me to comment. But who ever took your libraries space should get a cactus.

  9. We got caught in the Foguary mess. We checked into Pacific Coastal in Vancouver to find out our plane wasn't going to make it. At least they are good about refunding your money. We ended up driving and taking the ferries. Not so much fun when the section from Sechelt home was in the dark. - Margy