Thursday, 31 December 2015

Some Things I've Learnt In 2015

In this time of resolutions I've decided to reflect on the things I've learnt over the last year and resolve to put them into, or continue to, practise.

It is never too late to have a happy childhood

~Tom Robbins

I'm so glad I heard this-no more lamenting a lost childhood-I'm going to have it now and love every minute of it.

Give time to the things you love best

I made up this one myself.

I love my garden-a place of peace, joy, creativity, exercise, beauty and healthy food. Last year I let volunteer commitments take me away from it. Time to say NO, however passionate I feel about the cause.

My fabulous daughter (full time student, wife, mother, part time teacher and friend to children in need) will be here for 10 days in February. It is a mission of mercy-she is coming to organise us. My gift for organising has lapsed, hers is still going strong. She will organise and I will spoil her with good food, rest and love.

Amazing son (young executive, kind of heart, world traveller) and wife (smart, talented, thoughtful, loyal) arrive in April-grown up, sophisticated activities planned along with, you've guessed it, good food, rest and love.

Live by your lights

This one is an old English saying; I haven't heard it in years. The very elderly, in our isolated Suffolk village, often trotted it out when asked for advice.  Lights, roughly translated, means the facts or truth about oneself. Accept yourself as you are would be a fairly close interpretation. The old saying takes it a little further in suggesting you shape your life to be at ease in it.

If this contributed to their long and productive lives and aura of contentment I'm all for it.

With that in mind I shall, from now on, decline invitations to parties and large social gatherings. I will explain my sensitive brain suffers from the noise and commotion. I'll confirm I enjoy the company of the prospective host and look forward to spending time with them in a smaller gathering. The question is why haven't I done this sooner?

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind

attr. Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I apply the above to the conduct of my day I find I have an untroubled mind and sleep better.

If anyone can show me the source of the quote I'd be delighted. RWE has plenty going for him without having words put in his mouth.

I'd love to know what you feel you have learnt in the past year. Happy New Year.


  1. Here's what I learned this year: Anyone can be cruel or apathetic. It takes a bigger person to be kind. I love these quotes. wise words, all of them. :o) Happy New Year!

  2. It sounds to me like 2016 could be a very transformative year for you. I started to "go my own way" in 2015 and it has been wonderful. Not without it's trials, but I feel so much more sure of myself.
    "Live within your lights"- I love that saying. I think that if we can accomplish this, it is actually our very best gift to the world.
    I'm with you entirely on avoiding large gatherings. They overwhelm me completely, and I find it very hard to remain myself.
    Happy New Year Susan!!!

    1. I too am much more confident and comfortable with who I am. Now I have to be on top of things and not slide back into habits which are not good for me.

  3. Replies
    1. I've discovered I have a highly sensitive brain. Lots of research currently being done. Probably will become the next in thing. I don't care-it's working for me.

  4. Oh I love this post and your lessons. This past year I learned to rest, heal and be patient....and when I am not, I pay the price....and I learned not to feel bad that I am highly sensitive and that its OK to say no when I want to be alone.

    1. Why is it we ignore what is best for us-I suspect it has something to do with guilt-here's to giving to ourselves, guilt free.

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  6. What a lovely introspective list of what you've learned in the past year. Mine might say something very similar to your first one. I gave up a couple of volunteer commitments during the year and was amazed at how it lifted my spirit and allowed me to again spend more time doing the things I love most. So I learned, like you, to focus on what stirs my soul.

    1. Did you join things to meet people? It was partly my motivation. Unfortunately the demands became greater until it was taking over leaving no time to enjoy my new friends.

  7. All good words to live by, especially yours. Have a great 2016 in and out of your garden. - Margy

    1. Thanks, Margy. I suspect you have already figured out the above..

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  10. great learnings - especially the it's not too late to have a happy childhood. That really resonates for me. Happy new year, Susan.

    1. My daughter who works professionally with children in sad circumstances is emphatic we owe it to ourselves to have a good childhood regardless of when we get it. Sincerest wishes for good things in 2016.