Tuesday 7 August 2012

House Hunting

The first challenge, on our house hunting trip to the Comox Valley, was finding the cottage we had rented as our search base. This was due to moi forgetting to bring the address. Ever resourceful, I suggested going to the Visitor Information Centre.

The other person on the trip had a complete meltdown. I had to listen to whining regarding the torture of driving to the centre (10 minutes), his absolute certainty the visitor centre would have no information on tourist accommodation ( I had no answer to this) and the heat (true).

We unfortunately drove past the turning to the centre-I didn't see the sign. More fuming. Might I suggest a bigger sign?

Amazingly, as soon as we walked into the pleasantly cool building we found advertising for Honey Grove. In addition, the lovely young lady at the desk had visited the property only the week before. Dr. Bob scored points by refraining from explaining the reason we needed the address. I reciprocated by swallowing the "I told you so".

Then followed days and days of seeing the most awful houses which looked similar to the following:

A frame on 2 acres. No kitchen. Next to a granite quarry.

Attractive log house. Listed as needing finishing touches. If you call walls, bathroom and stairs finishing touches.


This one smelled so bad I had to run outside with my hand clasped over my mouth and nose. The selling realtor had described it as needing updates but perfectly livable.

O.K. there were some which weren't too bad, but nothing that tugged at the heart strings.

We did find time to stroll the grounds of Filberg Lodge

   and walk along Williams Beach


 Further adventures to come.


  1. Oh my goodness! That one house looks like it could qualify for hoarders!

    1. The house is haunting me. I'm almost afraid to look at another house.

  2. thanks for sharing the search - I think you'll become familiar with the sub-text of real estate ads. Needing finishing touches means more than needing a coat of paint!

    1. I've told our realtor she needs to preview before showing us a house. I think I detected a little frustration. After some of the doozies she has shown us I think it is a fair request.

  3. When you find the right one, you'll know it. In the mean time, enjoy the journey! May give you inspiration for your new place. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I will know it. I have great faith in my ESP.
      I am so impressed by your Outstanding Amateur Gardener award. It is a pleasure to have you as a follower.