Wednesday 21 May 2014

Not Ready

Only 2 more sleeps until we fly to England.

I typed up the minutes from the Friends of the Library AGM
Posted info about the Garden Club May meeting on their blog
Met with the gal who does Garden Club Facebook so she can babysit the blog for three weeks
Found a replacement cat sitter as the other one was waffling
Washed slug slime out of fleece jacket,  I had no idea it was so difficult to remove
Cleaned bathroom and washed sheets because new sitter is going to live in
Shouted at husband

On my to do list and nothing to do with my vacation:

Telling my Canadian readers about

Do you live on Canada’s Best Garden Street? Tell us all about it . . .

In the spirit of Garden Days event, and in celebration of Canada’s National Garden Day we want to know about Canada’s ‘Best Garden Street’.

In 150 words, or less, tell us why your street/road/avenue/lane is Canada’s Best Garden Street. Tell us how gardens, private or public, contribute to the quality of life on your street and in your neighbourhood.

Contest prize: The ‘bragging rights’ of being named Canada’s 2014 ‘Best Garden Street’ and $1,000 worth of Mark’s Choice Lawn and Garden products from Home Hardware.

Deadline for entries is: midnight EST, June 9, 2014. Enter at

Very frustrated I can't get our tourism people to promote this for our little town.  We have streets full of wonderful gardens. Winning would bring some positive attention and we need all the promotion we can get.

I may not get to post while I'm away. Steel yourselves for holiday pics ad nauseum on my return in three weeks.

Fortunately the airport has a lounge just for me


  1. I am exhausted just reading this - happy trip and have a wonderful time.

  2. Once you are on the plane you will forget all about the hassle. Have a brilliant holiday here in this lil' 'ole country of ours. Hope the weather behaves itself.

  3. Have a great time - the worries will all fall off the minute you step into that lounge. I'll have to look for one just like it the next time I travel!

  4. Have a wonderful holiday and take lots of pictures! Cheers

  5. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see the pics and hear all about it - I just LOVE that sign. I would feel right at home.... :)

  6. HA! You are hilarious!!! Seriously! I am wishing you an outstanding trip friend! I can not wait to see photos! You take care and enjoy every second!!!! Nicole xoxo

  7. Isn't that always the way. Things jog a long just fine and then the minute you are going on hols a huge list of things to do immediately, seems to spring from nowhere.
    I hope you have a nice time back in Blighty!

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes. Hopping on the plane tomorrow lunchtime, just have to weigh the suitcase. I travel light but haven't mastered the three day rule.

  9. How fun! I'm looking forward to photos; I am fascinated by all things UK.