Wednesday 7 March 2012

How To Get More Of What You Want

During my years in suburbia I’ve always wanted more---LAND that is.  Now I’m really excited to have discovered an organization that brings together those who want to grow their own food, but have no land, with people who have land but for various reasons do not cultivate it. I am so impressed!  

Sharing Backyards provides a website where seekers and sharers can connect. They aim to become global and already have a healthy list of participants in the U.S, Canada and New Zealand. There is ample support for folks willing to set up a local group. A wide ranging check list covers those tricky points we don't always think of in the first rush of enthusiasm:

How many hours per week will the garden space be available?
Sharing tools
Who will pay for soil amendments?
How will decisions be made about what is grown?
Who does the watering and when?
How is the harvest shared?
Children and pets
Bathroom needs

Maybe I'm looking at the world through rose tinted glasses but it seems to me,  with careful planning, some good things can be achieved.  Increased access to organic food. Fresh air and exercise. Beloved gardens resurrected. Bare land used productively. Social connections made. Neighbourhoods invigorated.

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  1. This sound like a very well worthwhile organisation. We have an informal arrangement with our fence neighbour, with 3 households sharing a garden. After displaying this in our local paper and having our home open for the Sustainable House Open Day, we have had many comments on people wanting to know how to start a shared garden for themselves. Although doesn't seem to be operating in Australia yet, it is great to know that something like this exist already. Thanks from sharing that!