Saturday 2 June 2012

Flowers In The Reign

Today is the diamond anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Her Majesty  is having fun at the races today, good for her. Tomorrow the pageantry starts with a Royal Procession down the Thames river. A commercial boat "The Spirit of Chartwell" has been turned into a royal barge for the day.  It will be groaning under the weight of floral decorations so I hope we can all get to see it via some form of media. If you are actually teetering on the river bank, brolly in hand and trying not to slip down the muddy bank, then I expect pictures A.S.A.P.

How is this for a florist's order:
90 garlands each approx 6ft wide (1.8m)
7,000 cut flowers
140 containers
1,000 sweet peas and a knot garden?

2,450 rose stems with 60 more in containers, lavender and scented herbs are being used to make the barge fragrant. (Perhaps the dear old Thames still pongs a bit?)

Here is an article showing the preparations:

Rachel de Thame the designer was inspired by the dress Queen Elizabeth wore for her coronation.

The Queen suggested embroidered floral emblems from the U.K. and her Commonwealth realm.
Her white satin dress was decorated with pale pink roses, lotus flowers, shamrocks, purple thistles, green leeks, ferns, wheat and maple leaves among others. Opals, silver and gold thread, mother of pearl and diamante were used to form the designs.

The Queen's wedding dress also had a floral design. This time star shaped lilies, white roses and orange blossoms were worked using seed pearls and crystal.

The Queen obviously shares my delight in floral dresses. I knew we had a lot in common.

Two blogs, the Royal Post and Madame Guillotine have great posts on the coronation and the coronation gown. I appreciate their generosity in allowing the use of their photographs.


  1. 7,000 cut flowers? Sheesh! I didn't watch any of the festivities but now I wish I had. I can only imagine what all those sweet peas must smell like. :o)

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, the Jubilee has been fun. I only wish I'd had more time to prepare, what with work and everyone in our family being very busy just now.
    I love the detail of the dresses you show - it's the first I've seen of that in the Jubilee coverage.