Friday 20 December 2013

Attracting Birds To Your Backyard-A Review

I found this book in the mountain of donations at our book sale. I'm sure it would have sold quickly but I was there first. Fortunately we had a money jar for just such a situation. Such are the perks, and perils, of book sorting.

Attracting Birds To Your Backyard by Sally Roth. Illustrations by Randy Hamblin and Maureen Logan.

This book is packed with information.

A sample of what you get:
A to Z format
Clear, practical instructions
Beautiful illustrations
Common North American birds and
Trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses that attract them
and how to grow them
Nesting preferences
Songs and calls

Quirks: I was expecting the information to be organised by type of bird but it is strictly alphabetical, for example under B you will find headings for Banding, Bee Balm, Behaviour, Binoculars, Birdseed Gardens,  Blackbirds, Bluebirds, you can see a wide scope. Fortunately there is a good index and it allows for several ways of using the book based on your interests.

Talking of the index, the one thing I would have liked, was an listing for the Lists. There are several in the book, such as Best Berry Plants and Shrubs For Birds which are a quick and comprehensive guide-quick, that is, once you find them. Almost, but not all, of the birds have their range in their description. I suggest having a bird book handy for the exceptions.

Sally Roth is a naturalist, gardener and best selling author. Her style is conversational, lively and down to earth. The book is informative and entertaining. I am finding it very useful for planning.

This review is for Holley's final garden book meme. I'm sad it is coming to an end. I've found some wonderful books and bloggers through it.

A cautionary tale
I almost went out in a literal blaze of glory for Holley's last book review. Since the weather turned cold I have been trying to provide Finnegan, our inherited outside cat, with a warm spot. Not much success so far. Today I put an old towel in the oven to warm up, I planned to put it by the back door where Finny sometimes curls up. I got writing and forgot all about it. Hubby found it, on the verge of ignition. Someone is being holier than though. I guess it's the 'home" for me.


  1. The book sounds like it would be a very good resource to have on hand. And how nice that you were able to get it on sale! I know what you mean about trying to keep the outside cats warm. We are visted by a number of cats who have adopted our yard, although I believe they have other homes. We have made "warming centers" for the two that now seem to be resident cats, using the "igloos' that our dogs (now deceased) used to enjoy.

  2. Oh, no! So glad your husband found the towel before it was too late! That reminds me of the time I put some water to boil in a pan (the air was very dry), and then fell asleep. I woke up to burning aluminum - the pan was misshapen, and the house smelled horribly (had to open all the windows, which let out all our heat). But I was so glad I woke up before the house caught on fire!

    As for the book, this sounds like a wonderful book for anyone wanting to know more about the birds that visit their garden. I notice there is a section on cats - unfortunately, we have too many of those to try to attract the birds now, but as our cats get older, I think the day will eventually come that we will be able to feed the birds without having to worry about the cats trying to catch them! I'll put this on my "future list"! :)

  3. We have lots of feathered friends visiting the feeders in the garden and this book would be a wonderful resource to have. I'm glad you shared it this week.

    1. I have a blank slate, Linda and planting for wildlife is one of my goals. I'm reading two books from last month's meme, planting native plants and wildflower meadows and I hope to end up with a workable plan.

  4. This was one of the first books I bought when I began seriously feeding our backyard birds and counting them for Bird Studies Canada.
    A well rounded resource book, good review.

    1. I'm glad you can recommend the book. Maybe I will join in the bird count next year. I know you can be paired up with experienced birders so I would probably learn a lot.

  5. If you're lucky, you'll have lazuli buntings out there. They're turquoise and peach, with a beautiful song, and best of all, they're attracted to the cheapest bird seed that has lots of millet.

    Sorry about your towel...

    1. I'm going to look them up in the book. We have an abundance of old towels used for packing. I have to get rid of them somehow. LOL

  6. Susan, we've been caring for stray cats for nearly six years. On my blog I tell how we made "winter quarters" to keep kitties warm outside. Here is the link.

    1. Thanks Beth, I went over to your post straight away. We put insulation in a cardboard box but he won't go in it. I think maybe it was too exposed. Definitely going to try your design. We were getting straw for the garden anyway.

  7. I find great books in Powell River used bookstores and thrift stores. Wish I could have come to the sale. Sounds like there were lots of great ones to choose from. Maybe the next time around. - Margy

  8. What an interesting book....I am sad her meme is ending too but I am still going to review books monthly!!