Tuesday 18 March 2014

Quid Pro Quo

I don't know if I mentioned, in addition to our rural abode, we have a small house in town. It is in the original mill town, now a National Historic District,  and has an ocean view. We have it as part two of our retirement plan. When we are too frail to live out in the sticks our little cottage will be ready and waiting for us. Presently we rent it to a nice young family.

as you can see it needs some love

When we went into town yesterday we found out the metal roof on the house needs all the screws replaced. The little rubber cushions they sit on are perished and every time it rains water comes in. Ist quote is $1000. The thing about small town living is that there aren't too many roofers or any other trade or professional for that matter. It might be cheaper to fly our son out and get him to help in a do it ourselves effort. This is my philosophy which started off as  "I didn't go through eight hours of labor to shovel my own lane" and has proved so flexible and successful over the years I know I can apply it to repairing a roof. Good job he understands my warped sense of humour.


  1. HA! Now that is funny! Your sweet home is adorable!!! It sounds like the most perfect house with ocean views?!!? A little piece of heaven in both the town and in the country! What a dream! Good luck with that roof and I hope that your son can help you guys out!! A wonderful week friend! Nicole xoxo

    1. He is a great kid. I still find it odd to have a child taller than me.

  2. I think I will borrow your line. When all else fails, bring in the guilt.

  3. Use any excuse to get my son to come home -- that's my philosophy! Good luck with the repair to your lovely house. P. x