Monday 17 March 2014

Give Away

Several weeks ago I received a beautiful hand made pin cushion in the mail. In fact there were two, one to keep and one to share. It was a completely unexpected act of kindness and generosity from foxyloon at Cloudmongers and Soup.  Although I'd metaphorically picked myself up and dusted myself off from a miserable experience, foxyloon sensed I needed a little love. There is nothing like the warm feeling of being on the receiving end of goodwill. I keep the pincushion beside my computer, it is just the right size to give a little squeeze when I need a goodwill pick me up.

If you would like to win this goodwill filled pin cushion, and the pretty scarf I chose to go with it, this is what you need to do:
Post about an act of goodwill i.e. kindness and compassion, on your blog and leave me a comment with a URL/link to your post on my Goodwill Seeds page. I'll put the links into a post when I randomly draw the winner of the give away. By entering you give me permission to use your stories in future posts-with credit of course.

Your stories don't have to be about grand gestures and saving the world, just observations on everyday goodwill.

Nicole at  My Garden Diaries wrote the following as part of her most recent post.

"A pot of happy flowers for my daughter. The most fantastic woman works at our local Trader Joe's. Every time she sees my daughter she let's her check out all of the groceries from our cart while taking the time to teach her about being a cashier. She makes her feel so special and on this particular day she let her pick out flowers because my bean had fallen earlier that day and had a bad scrape on her face.
There really are so many awesome people in this world!"

Deadline is March 29th. Winner will be posted on March 31st. Goodwill hugs to Bonnie at Trader Joe's. 


  1. I love the post of the cashier. There truly are many good and generous folks in the world. We only need to slow down to observe and appreciate. Hugs!

  2. It's an awesome post. I don't know what a pincushion is and so I am not entering into the competition, but you can read about my recent post and post it around if you like because more people become aware of it and do something, better it is. Yes, there are good human people but now and then I lose faith in humanity.

  3. Oh lady!!! Your sweet gift is a true sign that there is so much goodness in this world! And thank you for passing on the story about Josie and Bonnie! We are so lucky to be able to pass on the good in this world and you are inspiring for making it a mission!! Thank you for everything you do!! Nicole xoxo