Wednesday 9 July 2014

Sad Little Tree

I don't know what is going on with my little Pippin. It produced a decent amount of blossom and so did its partner. A promising start, unfortunately it did not result in an abundance of apples. In fact I've counted ten although there maybe one or two more hiding. My ideas about the low production

Young trees
Late spring-most of the bees, who arrived at their usual time, had given up. This theory does not hold up well when I see trees full of apples on the route into town.

This is going out to the Tree Following Group hosted by Loose and Leafy.

Suggestions will be gratefully received.

yellow/brown ugly mess where the blossom died

small pockmarked apple

Just to cheer myself up I took a picture of the meadow. We let the grass grow just to see what would happen. It seems to be attracting wildlife which was my intention, so something is working.


  1. The meadow is stunning in that shot friend!! Wow!! And my brother grows fruit trees and from what he has taught me I would guess young tree!?! Will be interested to see what other folks say. A wonderful Thursday to you! Nicole xo

  2. I have noticed with my apple trees that they sometimes take a year out and don't produce such fruit. Luckily they don't usually all do it the same year.Maybe next year it will have a bumper crop.

  3. I am by far no tree expert (or expert of any kind!) but we had the same problem in our area this year - lots of blossoms and very few apples.

  4. I loved the grassy image too. What a good idea to let the meadow grow. I do find fruit trees to be inscrutable. Sometimes they do well and then the next year they look terrible and then the next year they do well... Maybe it's just a little nervous about that bear.

  5. The weather at time of blooming is important, if it is raining the bees will not be out and there will be little pollination. The 2 apple trees need to bloom at the same time and have compatible pollen, unless there are more apple trees nearby. Some varieties are better than others at setting fruit in rain, Liberty that I grow is excellent. A young tree can take a while too. I hope you get more apples next year.

  6. We inherited apple trees. Our climate is, usually, too hot for apples. But 2 days of unexpected frost may encourage ours to bear this season. Our figs and olives are reliable, but apples and plums vary hugely year by year!

  7. So sorry to hear about your apple can be frustrating. But that grassy meadow is a stunner.

  8. Maybe, without the usual competition for water and nutrients, your ten (or so) apples will be specially tasty this year? Hope so!