Monday 15 September 2014

Bloom Where You're Planted?

Which brings me to the roses. When we moved on to the property the flower beds were in a similar neglected state to the kitchen garden. Food trumped flowers, I can't believe I'm saying that. The only improvement in the lives of the flowers were they got watered on a regular basis. To be honest only the roses got watered. All the other guys just kind of muscled in as they have done for years.

not bad for all day shade
gasp-this one is blooming

Sorry, these aren't the before pictures, There are no inspirational after pictures.  I'm just letting you know the rose rescue has finally begun. Watch out daisies.

As for the bloom where you're planted thing, whoever said it was no gardener. Plants thrive when the conditions are right, just like me.


  1. Gardens are resilient as are gardeners. And sometimes with our intervention they thrive...good luck and happy gardening. I am starting to work on finding my garden beds again amongst the wildness.

    1. Temporarily mislaying your garden beds? Gardening is never dull!

  2. So very true, we all thrive under the right conditions. I have spent most of my eight years on my place worrying about the 'food' garden. I am now turning my sights on the 'soul' garden!