Saturday 29 March 2014

Things I've been meaning to tell you

Things I've been meaning to tell you:

I'm on a diet. Sort of low carb. Initially it was really low carb (designed by a doctor and his dietitian wife, no less) but my legs felt like rubber and I had no strength. 6 hard fought lbs so far.

I'm taking drawing classes. I thought concentrating on hand eye coordination might also improve my memory.  No discernible improvement noted, however the instructor is a hottie so all is not lost.

Hours each week are wasted spent looking for another car. We would like a small SUV with a hitch for the trailer. "Someone" is finding something wrong with everything we look at; I suspect a loosening of the purse strings problem.

I was waiting to see what previously planted flowers would be coming up in the new to me garden. The bed beside the back door was crammed with something, maybe snowdrops, I'll never know for sure. Bambi got there first. Whatever they are I'll dig them up and replace them with something less attractive to the deer. The bluebells, crocuses and daffodils I planted last Fall have not been eaten.

We are going to England for three weeks. Planning like crazy to fit in as many gardens and stately homes as possible. I'm rarely off the computer as I try to figure it all out. It would have been easier to do it a year from now but my father keeps saying he is past his sell by date and you never know when he might go off.

The garden club members are falling in love with their resurrected blog. The darlings want everything on there. Today I posted Ten Shrubs For Year Round Interest which you might enjoy, if nothing else the pictures are nice for a grey wet day which is what we have here-again.


  1. Dieting is such a bind - I was doing so well, lost 21 lbs but have been stuck now for weeks I seem to have plateaued - I suppose it means cutting down more.
    Excited for you about your trip to England - If you intend to visit lots of National Trust properties and gardens, did you know that you get free entry if you are a member of Heritage Canada The National Trust, but you must bring your membership card with you. A reciprocal agreement also exists with the American Royal Oak Foundation too.

    1. I knew about Royal Oak, I just checked Heritage Canada and it will save me a goodly sum. The exchange rate is against me so the more I can buy in Canadian dollars the better. Thanks for the tip:)

  2. I've been doing the low carb thing for 2 months. I think a lot of us experience the weakness, headache and even dizzy thing the first few weeks.
    I'm down 12 pounds and just a few more to go but more importantly I have about 90% less pain in my body.
    My husband and I have had our house up for sale. We are in a nice small town in northern NY BUT looking to buy off grid in the woods. Nervous and excited about it at the same time.
    Happy Sunday,

  3. I shall insist on sunny skies during your visit to Blighty and a fanfare welcome. Enjoy! xx

  4. Wonderful news with the trip, drawing and such. I have been studying up on nutrition for women over 50. No sugar (I'm an addict so it is best not to go there for me), no gluten, organic fruits, veggies, meats, fish only. Most grain carbs are a scratch for me as they raise my insulin and start a bad cycle...and bean carbs are OK in moderation. No dairy as I do not digest it well. Some gluten free carbs from time to time.

    The low calorie lots of exercise diets of the past are being exposed as not working for the long term and doing harm....I know they were always a nightmare for me. Once I start exercising a bit, I think I will do better. The funny thing they do say is to eat a protein like an egg within a half hr of waking and make sure you get good fats with every meal like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, olives and grass fed butter. I find it very nourishing and a slow road but I feel healthy. Probably similar to your low carb diet. I wish you luck with your diet.

  5. Looks like a funny book. And you dad sounds like he has a good sense of humour. Enjoy your trip. We have been trying to lose some weight too. Not easy to do. We thought we were being careful on our vacation to Arizona, but gained instead. It's always a battle. Thanks for the link to the Garden Club website. - Margy

  6. I have been in diet mode as well but after two weeks with the kids and kidlets there was no gain either so that is a good thing.